3 tips to help you find a suitable nursing home

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If your parents or another elderly relative can no longer remain living alone in their own house, you may need to search for a nursing home for them. This could be a stressful time for you and them, but often it is the only way.

Finding the right place, where they will feel happy and secure can be challenging. The frequent reports in the press about residents in care homes suffering neglect and abuse highlight the problems that can occur.

Here are some tips to help you pick a suitable place:

Search for information online

You can find a lot of helpful information about particular nursing homes on the internet. Several sites compile information and statistics about places that allow you to compare homes in your area. Searching for a particular facility can help you bring up reviews from residents and their families. A search should also bring up any news articles about the place that resulted from problems.

Visit and talk to people

When you visit a residential care home, the staff in charge of your visit may try to keep you on a tight leash. They are trying to sell the place after all. Escaping to talk to residents or people visiting their relatives can give you vital inside information.

Taking time to observe is also crucial. Do residents look happy, engaged and active? Does their dress and grooming suggest that staff take good care of them? Does the food look tasty and healthy? Does there seem to be a good ratio of staff to residents?

Staying local is often best

You need to consider how easy it will be to visit your relative, even if that means moving them out of their home state and closer to you or other family members. The easier it is for the family to visit, the easier it will be to check everything in the home matches your expectations. This will reduce the chance you need legal help because problems have occurred.