Choosing a medical agent through a power of attorney

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A power of attorney gives you a chance to choose an agent. For instance, a medical power of attorney will be focused on healthcare decisions. If you’re incapacitated and you can’t make these decisions, your agent is allowed to do so.

It’s important to choose the right person for this role. They may be the only one who has the legal authorization to make these decisions on your behalf. You need to know that they’re going to put your best interests first and make the decisions that you would like. So what should you look for when deciding who to choose?

Intellectual capacity

First and foremost, medical decisions can be very complex. Choose someone who has the intellectual ability to grasp these complicated decisions, treatment options and medical conditions. If you have pre-existing conditions and concerns, talk to the potential agent in advance to see how well they understand your situation.

The right personality

Next, you may want someone who is assertive and willing to actively speak up on your behalf. They need to be your proponent when decisions are being made. Additionally, find someone who is willing to take on this role. It can be very emotional to make healthcare decisions for someone else, and not everyone will be right for this position.

Proximity to your family

Finally, remember that medical decisions sometimes have to be made quickly. Choose someone who is relatively close by so that they can respond as soon as they are needed.

Have you decided who you want to choose for your agent while creating a medical power of attorney? Then you just need to know what paperwork to use to create the necessary documentation.