Should you hire a home health aid for your senior loved one?

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2023 | Special Needs, Disability And Long-term Care Planning |

You could be shocked by the price of a nursing home when you arrange long-term care for an older relative. It might be quite expensive for your elderly loved one to even live in an assisted living facility. Even if you are attempting to find ways to lower these expenses, these prices can suddenly skyrocket with hidden expenses. 

Hiring a home health assistant is an option many individuals consider. Instead of having your elderly loved one reside in a facility where assistance personnel is constantly on hand, the health aide could visit the home and provide them with the daily assistance they require. 

A home health assistant may not be your first option if your elderly loved one needs extensive care, but an aid could help you in many other ways, such as transporting your loved one. But, is a home health aid the best option? Here’s what you should consider:

Considering the costs of a home health aid

Receiving healthcare at home can occasionally be less expensive than living in a nursing home. But, it can still be highly expensive, and it may need significant planning.

For example, some health aids charge by the hour. Home care can cost upwards of $30 to $35 per hour. On average, the monthly cost of home health aids can be nearly $6,000, which can make it $72,000 annually. 

While the price for a home health aid may seem steep, the extra help could help you and your elderly loved one in the long run.

You can plan a comfortable future for your elderly loved one by understanding their need for long-term health care. It may be important to be aware of your legal rights when planning the future of your elderly loved one.