Why have an attorney help with your Medicaid application?

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2023 | Elder Law, Medicaid Planning And Asset Protection, Nursing Homes |

While lots of people submit Medicaid applications independently, having an attorney to advise you and process these forms on your behalf is highly beneficial. Especially if the government denies your application, an experienced legal professional can help explain the situation, understand the matter and look at your options.

Agencies and so-called “Medicaid experts,” people not trained in the law, may offer you services that resemble those of an attorney. However, it is essential to understand that Medicaid is a federal program based on statutes and laws, and attorneys have both training and understanding of the law.

Changes in the law

In addition, federal programs, including Medicaid, often change. Even if the changes are small, they could still impact you. There are statutes, laws, and cases in play that can impact whether the government approves your application or denies it.

For example, there are issues that can come up during the process. Issues that you may not be familiar with, such as eligibility periods, surplus income (which can affect your eligibility), penalty periods and exceptions to the laws and rules.

“Elder law” as a specialty

The legal area of “elder law” is a specialty of comprehensive knowledge and experience in all kinds of elder law issues, including Medicaid applications, approvals, denials and more.

An attorney can help you think about what you want based on what you currently have and expect to receive. Based on that, you can devise a plan that suits your preferences and considers your unique needs and circumstances.

You are not just one more Medicaid case or file; having an advocate can ensure you are not treated as one. Taking control of your own life is critical before you can no longer do so. An elder law attorney can help you directly, advocate, and protect your interests and desires.