Hoping to age in place? Here are 2 things to consider

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2021 | Estate Planning |

One major consideration of people who are getting older is where they’re going to live. For many, aging in place is a priority because they don’t want to leave the home they’ve had for a long time. Others may opt to move into an assisted living home or a long-term skilled nursing facility. 

There are several things that you must consider if you’re going to work toward aging in place. Taking the time to work through these is imperative so you can do what’s best for your needs.

Are you safe in your home?

There are services available to help people who want to age in place. This includes things like home health care agencies that can help to monitor your health. Personal care aides can assist you with things like light housekeeping, personal hygiene and other basic tasks that enable you to remain in your home.

What kind of care can you afford?

Aging in place comes with expenses, so be sure that you check over your budget. For some, trying to age at home means finding a way to cover those costs. Programs for senior citizens may make this easier, but some are asset-based so you must ensure you’re considering that as you make your plans. Anyone who’s considering aging in place should evaluate the options they have to ensure they’re doing what they need to remain safe. 

Aging in place is what many people prefer, both because it can increase their quality of life in their golden years and help them retain their assets and property to leave behind for their loved ones. If you’re concerned about your options for the future, working with someone who is experienced in elder law can help.