What is the cost of an in-home caregiver?

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2020 | Disability And Long-Term Care Planning |

When the elderly need extra assistance, they have numerous options. For instance, a child may simply start helping them and caring for them at first, leaving them largely independent. If their needs get to the point that the child cannot do enough, though, they may mention moving into a nursing home or an assisted living facility. 

This is when the elderly often push back against these changes, and the reasons are very valid and understandable. They want to live in their own home, not a nursing home. They want to be independent, not supervised. They have spent decades of their life living like this, and it’s hard to see that change. 

One option that may prove useful is hiring an in-home caregiver. This allows the elderly person to stay in the home, and the caregiver can set up a flexible plan to provide assistance. For example, some people only need help for an hour or two a day, while others need someone to live with them all the time. 

A big question as it relates to long-term care planning, though, is how much something like this costs. Some reports put it at more than $4,300 per month. Naturally, the cost varies a bit depending on the service that you use, the amount of care you need, and many other things of this nature. 

What is clear, though, is that it can be an expensive option, costing tens of thousands of dollars every year. You need to look into all of the legal and financial options you have so that you can start planning far ahead in advance if this is the type of service you would like to use.