Why should you work with an attorney for Medicaid planning?

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2020 | Care Planning, Disability And Long-Term Care Planning, Medicaid Planning And Asset Protection |

Whether you need to apply for Medicaid in the near future or want to ensure that these benefits are available to you in your later years, the Medicaid planning and application process can be daunting. Working with an attorney could be one of the best ways to protect your financial health today and your physical health for years to come.

Experienced attorneys know Medicaid law.

Many people applying for Medicaid in their later years are navigating this system for the first time. This can leave them with many regulations to navigate while planning for their care, including strict income and asset limits. Even more challenging, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to Medicaid planning—you have your own unique goals, and it can be difficult to find the solution that best helps you achieve them.

Working with an attorney, though, allows you to benefit from the experience they have built throughout their career. From ensuring that you meet the requirements for Medicaid benefits to exploring options for protecting your home and other important assets, an experienced lawyer can guide you through all of the options available to you and find a legal strategy that helps you achieve your unique goals.

Your attorney can help you find greater confidence when applying for Medicaid.

Applying for Medicaid benefits can leave you with a great deal of uncertainty. Have you done enough to be eligible for benefits? Does your application have what it needs? What happens if the state denies your claim? Working with an attorney can help you face the Medicaid process with greater confidence. Your lawyer can answer questions and review your application to give it the greatest chance of success.

When you hire an attorney, they put your interests first.

When you work with an attorney to plan for your long-term care needs, they will focus on your best interest because of the duty they owe you as their client. This can help you focus on options that protect your security, from protecting your assets to managing your Medicaid spend down in a way that maintains your comfort.

While the state does not require you to work with an attorney when applying for Medicaid benefits, experienced legal counsel can help you protect your assets today and ensure that you have the support you need in the future.