What options are there for long-term care in New Jersey?

by | Mar 8, 2018 | Firm News |

When people begin aging, they must consider what kind of care they would like to receive once they are unable to live independently. 

One option is home care. This is when an aide comes to a person’s home to assist in taking care of basic needs such as bathing, getting dressed, cleaning, cooking and shopping. Some aides are able to perform basic health care services. For example, a home health nurse can assist a person in taking their medications.

Another option are day programs at a care center. These programs provide participants with the ability to socialize. Day programs may plan different types of activities for participants, as well as providing meals. This option may work well for those who are not in need of 24/7 care. Some programs will transport participants back and forth from their home to the care center. Some programs also provide basic medical care, such as taking a participant’s blood pressure or assisting a participant in taking their medications.

Some people may decide senior housing is right for them. These are rental homes meant for adults above a certain age. Some of these organizations provide residents with meals, transportation, cleaning and the opportunity to participate in different types of activities.

For some, assisted living is the best option. In these facilities, workers are able to assist residents with their daily basic needs such as bathing and getting dressed. They can also provide residents with meals, transportation and they may plan different types of activities for residents to participate in.

Also, there are continuing-care retirement communities. These facilities provide residents with different levels of care all at a single place. There may be senior housing for residents who can care for themselves, assisted living for residents who need assistance with basic activities, and 24/7 nursing care for residents who are entirely unable to care for themselves.

Finally, there are nursing homes. These facilities provide residents who are ill or injured with round-the-clock nursing care. This may be a choice if a person is entirely unable to care for themselves. Some nursing homes also provide residents with end-of-life care.

As this shows, there are a variety of options for long-term care. Through long-term care planning a person can make a decision regarding what type of program will meet their needs.

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