What nursing facility care must a person in New Jersey pay for?

by | Dec 15, 2017 | Firm News |

As they age, some people in New Jersey will have to be in the care of a nursing facility. Nursing facilities that are Medicaid certified primarily provide residents with skilled nursing services, rehabilitation necessary for the resident to recover from an ailment and long-term care that goes beyond simply a place to live.

Under federal law, there are certain services that a nursing facility has to provide to residents at no cost. These include nursing care, certain types of rehabilitation, social services in connection to the resident’s medical needs and pharmaceutical services. Dietary services must be provided, in addition to activities that meet the needs of residents. Emergency dental care is also provided, as is maintenance to the resident’s room. Standard personal hygiene products and care are also provided.

However, there are certain services that a resident of a nursing facility will have to pay for. Unless there is a medical need, if a resident does not want to share a room, they are responsible for the cost of a private room. If a resident’s food must be prepared in a way that goes above what the facility generally prepares, the resident must also pay for that. If the resident wants to have a radio, television or phone, the resident will have to pay for these items in addition to personal comfort items.

Grooming products and services that go above the basics provided by the nursing facility will also have to be paid for by the resident, as will the resident’s personal clothing. Residents must pay for any books, magazines or newspapers they want to personally own, along with any plants or flowers they want. Activities other than those provided by the nursing facility’s activity program must be paid for by the resident. Finally, if the resident requires some sort of special care that is not a part of the nursing facility’s Medicaid payment, the resident is responsible for those costs.

As this shows, while Medicaid provides some benefits, it does not cover everything. That is why Medicaid planning is so important. People in New Jersey need to be prepared for paying for long-term care, and, since many are depending on Medicaid to cover some of their costs, it is important that they qualify for the program when the time comes. An attorney can assist people with Medicaid planning, so that their financial needs are taken care of in their old age.

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