Planning for care of your disabled child in New Jersey

by | Oct 6, 2017 | Firm News |

Parents of special needs children in East Hanover love their child with all their heart, but they understand that, in some cases, their child will be in need of care for their entire life. This may be because of the child’s physical health, or it could be due to a developmental disorder. Therefore, parents of special needs children may be concerned about how their child will be cared for financially once they are no longer able to do so.

There are ways to ensure your special needs child is taken care of after you pass away. For example, some parents choose to create special needs trusts, disability trusts, or they may be able to provide protection for their special needs child in their will. If a trust is set up properly, then it may be possible for the child to continue receiving public benefits such as Medicaid, along with trust proceeds, particularly if the type of trust entered into is exempted from Medicaid’s five year look-back rule. A properly executed trust may also allow parents of special needs children to receive Medicaid benefits for themselves as well.

However, these types of trusts can be very complex. It is not something a person should handle alone, especially when it is their child’s future at stake. Fortunately, elder law attorneys have the experience necessary to advise parents of special needs children of their options for providing for their child’s care after their death.

At our firm, we understand that all parents love their children and want to see that their children are provided for. As certified elder law attorneys, we aim to help those who are of age 55 and above, along with those who have a child with a disability, with their legal needs. This includes options for disability care. Those who are interested in learning how elder law attorneys can help them may find our firm’s website informational.