What level of care do you receive in a New Jersey nursing home?

by | Jun 10, 2017 | Firm News, Nursing Homes |

Nursing homes can offer a wide range when it comes to care. Unless you are wealthy, you may be worried about the quality of treatment you will receive in a non-luxurious nursing home.

However, you can rest your fears. New Jersey has several laws that ensure a rigorous standard of care and protection of patients’ rights in nursing homes of all financial levels.

What to know about New Jersey law

The Garden State is invested in caring for its elderly. It has regulations concerning licensure for medical personnel, administrators and facilities. It also created a Nursing Home Residents’ Bill of Rights outlining the different areas in which you have rights.

These laws pertain to all patients in all nursing homes. Whether you pay out of pocket or through Medicaid, you will receive the same care. Moreover, being on Medicaid does not limit your facility options, because all of them take Medicaid.

How to choose a nursing home

With that said, some nursing homes offer a higher quality of care than others by exceeding the minimum government standards. Therefore, look for these qualities as you search for the right nursing home:

  • No issues with understaffing
  • Continued training opportunities for staff
  • Specialized services and meals if applicable
  • Clean, attractive and odor-free environment
  • Entertainment and activities available
  • Low use of antipsychotic medication

You may also want to consider its proximity to family, friends and your doctor.

How to plan for payment of long-term care

Another relevant factor is the cost of the facility. Although all nursing homes accept Medicaid, you first have to exhaust your own funds before Medicaid kicks in. This can mean high out-of-pocket expenses, limiting your options. You need to begin now in legally protecting certain assets so that long-term care does not use up all your income and savings. A certified elder law attorney can help you with proper financial preparation.