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August 2018 Archives

Exploring the different types of special needs trusts

When a person in New Jersey has a loved one with special needs, they will want to make sure their loved one is provided for financially. One way to do this is for the special-needs individual to obtain government benefits. However, usually a person must have limited resources in order to qualify for government benefits. This can become problematic when the person with special needs has other financial resources, but still needs government benefits to meet all of their living expenses and medical expenses.

What should be included in a New Jersey nursing home contract?

People in New Jersey who are looking for a nursing home for an aging loved one often do all they can to inspect the home, its policies and its practices, to ensure it is a good fit for their loved one. Once a nursing home is chosen, a nursing home contract will need to be executed. Before signing on the dotted line, it is important to carefully review the nursing home contract, to ensure it is fair and appropriate.

Elder law planning is important when it comes to end-of-life care

Our nation's population is aging. According to the Social Security Administration, men in the United States may live to age 84 on average and women may live to age 86 on average. However, while people in New Jersey may have a will or trust in place, many have not addressed end-of-life care, even though according to one source 70 percent of private bank clients who live past age 65 will eventually need long-term care. However, just because people haven't executed a long-term care plan doesn't mean they do not have opinions about their end-of-life care. It can help to have an understanding of long-term care planning so that a person can execute the proper legal documents that establish their preferences with regards to end-of-life care.

3 myths about Social Security

The Baby Boomer population is either already in retirement or will get there in a few years. A majority of Boomers expect Social Security benefits to be a major source of income, and knowing how to navigate this field is crucial to ensure an aging population can live comfortably for years to come. 

How do ABLE accounts differ from special needs trusts?

Special needs trusts are one way to provide a disabled person with the income they need to survive, while still retaining their government benefits. However, not everyone in New Jersey has enough money to open a special needs trust. An option that may be available to these people, however, is an ABLE account.

Planning for New Jersey Long Term Services and Supports

As people in New Jersey age, they may find their ability to care for themselves has declined. Whether it is due to an illness, an injury or simply old age, a person might decide that they have long-term care needs. Such care comes at a cost, however. Some people may be relying on Medicaid to pay for these services.

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