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July 2018 Archives

What types of advance directives are recognized in New Jersey?

Advance directives are legal documents that indicate what medical care a person wants if they are incapable of expressing their wishes. They are important documents to include in your estate plan, because they document your preferences in a legally binding manner should you become incapacitated. New Jersey elder law recognizes two types of advance directives.

We assist with guardianship and power of attorney matters

It can be distressing to see an aging loved one become mentally unable to make decisions on their own behalf. A person may have a mental disorder like dementia or may be physically incapacitated, such as a person in a coma may be, that makes them unable to handle their affairs. People in New Jersey who have a loved one in such a situation may be concerned about who will make care and financial decisions on behalf of their incapacitated loved one.

Helping your parents emotionally prepare for estate planning

Do you worry that your parents do not have sufficient estate plans in place or any at all? You probably want to bring the subject up, but this can be very challenging when your parents insist on being independent and avoid talks about the future. The subject of end-of-life decisions can be difficult for the elderly as time brings them closer to that reality.

What are the responsibilities of a court appointed guardian?

In New Jersey, a guardian of the person is an individual appointed by the court to make decisions and act on behalf of a person who cannot make decisions independently. A guardian of the person has certain responsibilities over the protected person.

What to consider when long-term care planning

Long-term care planning is important for people in New Jersey to consider while they are still competent enough to do so. For example, they may need to execute legal documents to name who will make decisions on their behalf if they become incapacitated. Also, they will need to decide what kind of elder care they will want as they age, and how they will pay for such care.

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