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February 2018 Archives

Contemplating elder law issues during one's lifetime

When it comes to end of life issues, many people are in denial and do not consider their options and thus the medical profession may exercise extra ordinary measures to keep you alive. A person must exercise their legal right to their end of life issues while they are still able to do so.

Long term care planning and the 'sandwich generation'

Many middle-aged adults in New Jersey these days find themselves part of the "sandwich generation" -- raising children while simultaneously caring for their aging parents. While these may be acts of love, it does take money. An elderly individual may have medical conditions that must be attended to and they may need help with basic daily activities. Some people may have planned on using Medicaid to meet some of these expenses, but when the time comes may find out their loved one is not eligible for Medicaid. When that happens, what other means do people have to pay for the care of an aging loved one?

Can I do estate planning when I have dementia?

If you have recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer's or another form of dementia, you may be grieving and feeling overwhelmed. There is a lot you need to do, and you are unsure how much time you have to do it. One of your concerns might be whether you can still do estate planning. For example, if you draw up a will, would a court recognize it since you made it after your diagnosis?

Using estate planning for asset protection

Many people in East Hanover may be planning for the fact that they may eventually need to enter a nursing home. While they may put a lot of thought into which facility would provide them with the best quality of care, they also will have to consider how they will pay for nursing home care. And nursing homes aren't cheap. A 2012 survey reported that, depending on where they are located, a stay in a nursing home could cost anywhere from $6,600 to $15,000 monthly. This is a huge expense that must be accounted for.

How can a special needs trust help disabled children as they age?

New Jersey parents of children with disabilities love their children and want to provide them with the best care possible. They may rely on government benefits to assist in meeting their child's health care and life needs. But, as parents age, they may have concerns about how their child will be cared for once their child is an adult, and especially after the parents pass away. They will want to see that their disabled child is taken care of financially, but also that the child still receives the government benefits they need to maintain a good quality of life. A special needs trust may be the estate planning vehicle that addresses parents' concerns in situations like this.

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