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November 2017 Archives

Could New Jersey residents benefit from changes to Medicaid?

New Jersey residents may be interested to learn that in a recent development, the states that opted for Medicaid expansions during the Obama administration may have more leniency over which residents can be included under their programs. Medicaid expansions used to be an all-or-nothing arrangement. States choosing to expand Medicaid were required to provide coverage to those who earned up to 138 percent of the poverty level set by the federal government. However, the Trump administration is considering whether to permit two states to provide coverage solely to individuals whose earnings match or are less than the poverty line. This might encourage states that have not yet expanded Medicaid to do so.

Medicaid planning can help many afford nursing home care

While no one can predict the future, what many in New Jersey can at least anticipate is that some day they may need to enter a nursing home. This presents a problem for many -- they know they may some day need nursing home care, but their savings (if any) will not allow them to afford a very long stay. Fortunately, the federal government offers a program, Medicaid, which will cover the costs of nursing home care for those who are eligible.

It is sometimes necessary to appoint a guardian to a child

Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, it may be necessary to appoint a guardian over a child in New Jersey. This person has the legal authority to make decisions on behalf of the child, as long as the child is included in the decision-making process to the extent that they can be. A guardian is also responsible for making sure the child's needs are met and that the child's rights are not violated.

3 reasons to talk to an attorney about a Medicaid application

Perhaps you are starting to think about Medicaid for your parent and are considering completing the application yourself or with help from a friend. However, you should be aware that applying for Medicaid without legal counsel can lead to a denial or inadequate coverage.

Understanding the Medicaid 'look-back period' in New Jersey

Many people in East Hanover may anticipate that eventually they will need nursing home care. Some of these people are relying on Medicaid benefits to cover the costs of a nursing home, which can be substantial. However, in order to qualify for such a benefit for nursing home care, there is a limit to how much a beneficiary can have in property and income.

What are some ways to fund a long-term care plan?

Many people in New Jersey have a loved one with dementia or Alzheimer's disease. What makes the situation even sadder is that a person could live with dementia or Alzheimer's for years or even decades, depending on the onset date of the disease.

What is the 'caretaker child' exemption in Medicaid planning?

As many adults in New Jersey can attest, caring for an aging parent is a great act of love, but it is also a significant undertaking. Sometimes, an adult child even needs to set their career aside in order to care for their parent's daily needs. Parents understand how hard caregiving can be, and they may want to find some way to compensate their adult child for the care they selflessly give. One option they may have is to transfer ownership of their home to their child. Not only can this compensate the child for the sacrifices made, but it is also a way to preserve Medicaid eligibility through what is referred to as the "caretaker child" exemption.

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