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October 2017 Archives

New Jersey law on home care facilities could affect elderly

Since 2004, New Jersey home care service agencies that did not provide medical care have been governed by state laws and regulations. However, legislation passed in 2014 broadened the requirements of these facilities, stating they need to be accredited and could be audited by certified public accountants. These requirements may increase how much people must pay for home care for the elderly.

How an attorney can help with a Medicaid application

Medicaid is a government health care program for those who need economic assistance for coverage. While it covers many age groups in New Jersey, it is best known for helping the elderly afford health care. The program provides means for expensive health care coverage like nursing homes and home-based care.

3 tips to protect your parents' assets in a nursing home

Putting your elderly parent into a care facility is often a painful and difficult decision that comes with both emotional and financial hurdles. Trusting someone else to care for your aging parent and shelling out tens of thousands of dollars a year can be a tough choice to make. 

What should one know before pursuing a guardianship?

When a person in New Jersey reaches age 18, they will be considered to have reached the age of majority. This is true even if the person has a developmental disability. Once they are 18, their parents are no longer allowed to make decisions for them, even if the person is disabled or still resides with their parents. However, sometimes a person does not have the capability to make their own life choices. When this happens, parents might want to consider appointing a legal guardian for their child.

Planning for care of your disabled child in New Jersey

Parents of special needs children in East Hanover love their child with all their heart, but they understand that, in some cases, their child will be in need of care for their entire life. This may be because of the child's physical health, or it could be due to a developmental disorder. Therefore, parents of special needs children may be concerned about how their child will be cared for financially once they are no longer able to do so.

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