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Too many assets for Medicaid? Set up a special needs trust

Are you a Medicaid applicant or beneficiary and over your resource limit? Having too many assets may disqualify you for long-term care through Medicaid. Thankfully, setting up a special needs trust can prevent you from disqualification.

Holding your assets in a special needs trust can also help you become eligible for Supplemental Security Income. To understand more about your options, review this quick guide to special needs trusts in New Jersey.

Why an attorney should help you complete a Medicaid application

If you are considering applying for Medicaid, you can expect a journey ahead of you from the time you apply to the time you enroll. According to the state of New Jersey, there are nearly 1.79 million people enrolled in the program, but it is still notoriously difficult to navigate the process. There are a few reasons it can be beneficial to consult an attorney when you are starting your Medicaid application.

Complete the application correctly

What factors should I consider when choosing an executor?

It is not enough for you to leave behind a will to explain how to handle your assets when you die. Choosing the right person to serve as your estate's executor is just as important as estate planning. Too often people in East Hanover fail to give this matter the attention it deserves, only to end up with complications that interfere with their final wishes. Before you choose an executor for your estate, you should take some things into consideration.

The difference between a living will and power of attorney

As your get older, it is important to establish an advance health care directive, or living will, for yourself to prepare for the unexpected. However, before you start filling out forms, you need to understand what a living will entails and how it differs from a health care power of attorney. They are not the same, and it may be best to have both to ensure you receive the medical treatment you desire.

What to do after your Medicaid application is denied

According to ThinkProgress, Medicaid boasts a 92 percent approval rate for insurance applicants. This bodes well for qualified people seeking coverage, but with tens of millions of Americans on the policy, the eight percent who are denied should not be overlooked. If you belong to this group, you are likely frustrated and seeking answers. There are several things you should keep in mind and do following a Medicaid denial. Follow these steps to seek recourse.

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