One Of New Jersey's First Elder Law Firms

Elder law as a legal specialty began around 1992. That is when McHugh & Macri began specializing in elder law in East Hanover, New Jersey. Since 1978, McHugh & Macri had been a general law firm practicing primarily real estate law. Today, in addition to that real estate expertise, we focus our law practice on elder and disability law and retirement planning. Don McHugh and Vince Macri are two of only 450 attorneys nationwide who are certified in elder law by the National Elder Law Foundation.

Elder law combines post-age 55 senior issues into a single practice area that includes tax, estate and long-term care planning; real estate; Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid issues; financial planning; and asset preservation. Since a home is often the most important asset our clients want to protect, our firm's 44 years of real estate expertise are an important strength our lawyers bring to the practice of elder law.

Certified Elder Law Attorneys

Some law firms "dabble" in elder law. This can lead to more harm than good. There are many pitfalls and legal minefields in elder law, and our attorneys are often called upon to fix the mistakes a client or financial or legal adviser made in prior planning. It is in your best interests to contact a certified elder law attorney (CELA) from the start. Do it right ... the first time.

With 25 of our 44 years of practice devoted to elder law, disability law and retirement planning in New Jersey, you can rely on our advice to seek a more secure future for you and your loved ones. McHugh & Macri has successfully completed thousands of cases in the area of elder law and is ready to help you with your particular concern. We can assure you of the knowledge and experience to address your concerns.

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